Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder

 If you love our Prickly Pear Juices, then you will love our Powder too!

Many of you have been asking for it & here it is:


 Our top quality powder comes from the red Prickly Pear Fruit which grows on the Nopal cactus.  It is 100% Pure!!!  There are no fillers, sugar, or coloring added.  It maintains a high antioxidant (betalain) value while savoring the delicious taste of the whole Prickly Pear Fruit.  

In our opinion, this is the best and highest quality Prickly Pear Fruit powder on the market.  Its crystalline-appearance is the natural color of the red prickly pear fruit at mature harvest.

This powder mixes well with water, or you can add it to your favorite beverages.  It is a more affordable replacement for those who like to drink prickly pear juice.  It also makes a delicious prickly pear tea.  I like to add it to apple juice.   (Shown below is a picture of the powder mixed into apple juice.)

 Other Uses:

Our customers have reported back a variety of ways in which they like to use this powder in addition to adding water and making a juice drink with it.  Here are some of the ideas shared so far:

*  Prickly Pear Salad Vinegarette:  Don’t add too much powder or it will overpower the vinegar flavor.

*  Prickly Pear fruit smoothies.

*  Prickly Pear yogurt.

*  Prickly Pear shakes (add it to vanilla ice cream and milk).

*  Prickly Pear flavored teas. (Try it straight or mix it with Green tea.)

*  Prickly Pear added to apple & pineapple juices makes a great blend.

*  Prickly Pear Applesauce.

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This Prickly Pear Red Fruit Powder is very concentrated in crystaline form.  The serving size is 1 teaspoon of powder (about 4 grams).  There are 60 servings per container, with a net weight of 240 grams (.563 LB).  The directions state to take 1-3 teaspoons daily as a dietary supplement, but you can flavor your beverage with the powder to your preferred taste.


** Click Here For Fox Channel 10 TV News Interview with Kevin Smith about Prickly Pear Juice and Powder Benefits. ("Living Off the Land: Arizona a top foraging State.")

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